Basic information about the Czech Chamber of Pharmacists

The Czech Chamber of Pharmacists was established in 1991 by Czech National Council Act No. 220/1991 Coll, on the Czech Medical Chamber, the Czech Stomatological Chamber, and the Czech Chamber of Pharmacists. It now functions as a self-governing non-political status organization that brings together pharmacists throughout the Czech Republic. The Czech Chamber of Pharmacy acts as a legal entity.

The Czech Chamber of Pharmacists meets the conditions for practicing the profession of pharmacy and thus guarantees the expertise of its members, in addition to providing them with further professional training in the field. It defends the professional interests and rights of its members, protects their professional honor, as well as providing them with legal assistance.

The chamber members are professionals performing pharmacy activities and are registered in the list of members by the organization.

The head of this organization is the president Mgr. Aleš Krebs, Ph.D., the role of vice president is now held by PharmDr. Martin Kopecký, Ph.D.

The highest body of the chamber is the annual congress of delegates. There are presented current problems and set priorities for the following period. This convention is attended by elected representatives of the District Association of Pharmacists (OSL).

Membership in international organizations

In 1997, the Czech Chamber of Pharmacists became a member of the European Union of Pharmacists (PGEU), based in Brussels. PGEU is an association bringing together professional organizations from a total of 32 European countries. The PGEU represents more than 400,000 public pharmacists, representing pharmacy care for 500 million patients.

Since 2008, a representative of the Czech Chamber of Pharmacists has been working on the executive committee of the PGEU. For the year 2011, the then president of the Czech Chamber of Pharmacists, PharmDr. Stanislav Havlíček, elected vice president of PGEU.

Pharmacy symbol and its use

The author of this symbol is Michal Flašar, CSc., the work is protected by copyright law. The principles for the use of this emblem were approved by III. convention of delegates in 1993.

The pharmacy symbol is used by both the Czech Chamber of Pharmacists and Pharmacies to uniformly mark their establishments, while the symbol must be produced exclusively by one of the authorized manufacturers of pharmacy crosses. The pharmacies are allowed to use the emblem on their promotional items, but not for direct promotional purposes. The symbol is also used by the Pharmacy Academy and the Journal of Czech Pharmacists. The logo may be used for other purposes only after approval by the Czech Chamber of Pharmacy and subsequent conclusion of a contract with its author.

The logo is not allowed to be modified or changed in any way, and its unauthorized use will be punished according to the legal system of the Czech Republic.

In case of any questions regarding the use of the symbol, it is possible to contact Mr. Ing. arch. Michal Flašar, CSc.

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